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Our Commitment


At C4S, we care!

We see an opportunity to make a real difference in the world and to use business as a force for good. We aim to meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, as well as public transparency. This is why we have welcomed six captains who are responsible for driving positive change in the areas we care about. 

C4S Search | Our Commitment | Health & Wellbeing
Health & Wellbeing Captain.

From ‘work out Wednesdays’, ‘Yoga Fridays’ or even a simple ‘lunch & learn’ on mental health. Our Captains & mental health first aiders are passionate about creating a positive working environment by minimising stress levels, improving employee satisfaction and engagement, and ultimately helping our employees thrive at work. We believe a happy and healthy workforce is essential in building a successful business.

C4S Search | Our Commitment | Charity
Charity Captain.

The vision is to create a business with outrageous levels of success, whilst also improving the world we live in. That’s why every year, we select a charity close to our hearts and do our best to make an impact. From fundraising events to volunteering days, the team at C4S are committed to giving back.

C4S Search | Our Commitment | Community
Community Captain.

We believe in supporting the local community. That’s why all staff at C4S have the opportunity to get involved and spend up to four days per year volunteering whilst still being paid. We’ve helped year 11’s with mock interviews, ran women in tech events, sponsored local sports teams & panelled for young enterprise awards

C4S Search | Our Commitment | Social
Social Captain.

Research shows individuals with a positive mindset are 31% more productive than those with a negative mindset. At C4S our Social Captain (and social committee), are responsible for actively and regularly injecting fun in and out of the workplace to continuously improve morale and culture. Check out our Instagram for a flavour of life at C4S #WorkHardPlayHard

C4S Search | Our Commitment | Planet
Planet Captain.

We are proud to hold the Carbon Neutral Certification and lead the way on sustainability and environmental impact. As part of our carbon offset process, we contribute to REDD+ in Indonesia. REDD+ projects actively engage local communities to address the reasons for deforestation and improve food security, income, healthcare and education. We only have one planet; let's look after her.

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