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Do you want to make a meaningful difference in the quality of healthcare Ummanu is empowering urgent care systems to radically improve the way they manage remote consultations, so they can achieve maximum productivit (1).svg


Ummanu is a technology company providing a telemedicine platform focused on remote consultations between clinicians and patients (C2P). Solutions in this segment of telemedicine allow clinicians to conduct remote visits with their patients

outside the hospital or clinic setting (normally at their home), as well as potentially expand their reach to new patients outside their existing patient list.

Ummanu partners with large healthcare providers to bring new telemedicine services to market. These generate new revenue streams for our partners, while allowing us to offer payors – public and private – new and highly affordable services.

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With over 150,000 remote doctor visits conducted on our telemedicine platform every month, we are a rising force in the industry.

Our advanced enterprise SaaS telemedicine platform comes out of the box with everything healthcare providers need to deliver remote medical services effectively, at scale.

From a single practice to an entire healthcare system, Ummanu allows you to optimize the clinical workforce, reduce operational costs, and create new opportunities to reach more patients

Key Features Include:

  • Pool Resources - Connect providers, such as hospitals and clinics, into a single telemedicine network

  • Delivery Multiple Services - Provide online clinical services to any patient at any available clinic

  • Allow Independence - Maintain the ability of each provider to operate independently within the network

  • Seamless Integration - Fully supported integrations with existing scheduling, CRM, and EMR systems

  • Business Rules Engine - Optimize system configurations to meet the organisation’s goals and work processes

  • White Label Deployment - Complete control over all system facets, look and feel

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Discover more about Ummanu's key product and how it works in the video below


Technical Account Manager


As Technical Account Manager, you should be a tech-savvy professional, able to explain technical details and requirements to a non-technicalaudience. You should also be results-driven and aspire to achieve specific goals...

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UK Sales and BD Manager

Field Based

The Sales Manager will be responsible for driving sales of our automation system to trusts, private providers, social enterprises and hospitals all around the UK...

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The recruitment process at Ummanu will vary from role to role, but you can typically expect the following:

Qualification/ Screening:

One of the Ummanu/C4S Search recruitment team will explain the role and company to you whilst also qualifying your skills and experience for the role. If successful, your CV and coversheet will be submitted to the relevant Ummanu hiring managers for review.

1st Stage Interview:

Typically a 1-hour competency-based interview as well as some technical-based questions depending on the role. This will be with one/two of the hiring managers and a great opportunity to bring to life your cv, skills and experience either on MS teams or in person.

2nd Stage Interview:

All processes are different but where possible Ummanu will aim for this to be the final stage of the interview. It will be tailored to the role and can sometimes include a technical exercise or presentation.

Offer stage:

If successful Ummanu will make you a conditional offer. This will be sent to you via email. At this stage, we would also check your right to work if appropriate. Once this has been evaluated, we will formally extend the offer.

You will then be advised on a start date (Based on your availability) and the onboarding process and any further information regarding receiving your kit etc. Your new career is about to begin! 

Discover Careers @ Ummanu