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3 technology trends to watch in 2023

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​While the summer is firmly over, and while it isn't yet time to deck the halls, at C4S, we are always interested in looking towards the future to see what new trends in tech could be around the corner.

With tech such as artificial intelligence, robotics and crypto making its way onto the news, there are three areas we are excited to watch what will develop over the next 18 months. 

The development of the metaverse 

While things like the Meta Quest headsets are widely advertised, and it would seem we are immersed in "the metaverse", we are only at the beginning of how the metaverse will shape our future. You just need to look back at the internet in 1995 to now to see just how much it can change and revolutionise our lives before anyone knew that it could.

The opportunities for the metaverse are set to continue. The gaming industry has been backing this by creating more games and dedicating divisions to gaming in VR. the gaming industry is set to be worth over $295 billion by the year 2025; there is no cash flow shortage to further the metaverse development.

But the metaverse is not exclusively for gamers. There is real potential for it to change our social and work interactions. Mark Zuckerberg has already set his intentions to invest $10 billion into the metaverse development next year. 

However, issues still need to be addressed before the metaverse becomes a critical social place within our world. Problems with security and identity thieves still need to be addressed while developing its current formation.

Zero Trust – A new approach to cyber security.

Cyber security is still a significant issue online. Hackers, scammers, and a host of other cybercrime are costing billions worldwide every year. The problem doesn't seem to improve despite IT corporations' efforts. 

Zero Trust is the idea that anything or anyone trying to access a network is already considered untrustworthy and a threat to the system. This will be assumed purely because they are attempting access. A Zero Trust architecture will need strict identification verification to connect. While this may sound similar to current trustless systems, Zero Trust creates a centralised architecture to protect everything which needs to be secure.

The developments within cyber security are going to matter significantly with the move towards further integration (such as the metaverse)

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

NFT have had a lot of press. Not only the amounts people have been known to pay for the digital asset, but more celebrities and bands are creating NFTs as part of their merchandise. NFTs can prove ownership of digital assets, making it a version of digital real estate and creating a tradable that contributes to economic growth.

If you consider NFT a tradable and sellable piece of land, then DeFi becomes the bank within this scenario. While this may be a very simplistic explanation, it can demonstrate the opportunities. This combination of NFT with DeFi means that the creation and use of digital assets have supported economic growth. More people and businesses will be looking at cryptocurrency, and content creations will create financial opportunities without using traditional banking methods. 

There are so many more radical technologies we will start seeing more use over the next 18 months. Progression of tech has accelerated due to the pandemic creating a need for tech advancement, and this progress is not slowing down. Businesses will have to have less hesitation when it comes to emerging tech trends to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. As things move at increasing speed, it could miss out altogether if your business is not on board.

If you are looking for game changers for your tech or deeptech business, get in touch.