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2024: Top Five Trends to Shape the Future

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​The technology industry ebbs and flows with new innovations and products changing the outlook of our future. With 2024 around the corner, we have a look at the five trends which are most likely to find themselves centre stage in 2024 and that we could encounter in our daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been the source of conversation and innovation for a while. However, 2023 saw a huge shift with its uses being integrated into multiple aspects of work and daily life. In 2024 it is likely that AI technology will be embedded into almost every sector.

From personal recommendations to decision-making, and diagnostics throughout 2024 we will see this technology be used to help with efficiency and convenience. However, there are still considerations to be made around the ethical use of AI and how legislation worldwide can help with those challenges.

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is something which up until recently has been worked on in the confines of labs and within the research and development stages. 2024 there is an expectation for quantum computing to break out and that there will be notable advancements within this sector.

Moving quantum computing into practical applications could see the likes of material sciences revolutionise with the ability to process complex problems that current computers do not have the capacity for.  


It seemed like in the second half of 2023 the metaverse was cooling off however, in 2024 we are likely to see more traction with more tech giants and start-ups developing and expanding the metaverse platforms. In 2024 expect to see more options in training and education, entertainment as well as creating more social online connections.

Plus with the augmented and virtual reality, we are likely to see a new way the metaverse can connect people digitally.

Sustainable Tech

2023 saw another year of disasters as a result of climate change. The pressure is on to find ways to ensure the future, and in 2024 there will be an influx of sustainable tech solutions to help combat climate change.

Even with the UK government's rollback with mandated electric vehicles, by the end of 2023, we were already seeing one-third of all new car purchases being electric. Alongside this, energy solutions, and smart grids are all set to become mainstream throughout 2024.  

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity was a big buzzword for 2023. With more digital connections that set to grow, cyber security will be the centre of most business concerns throughout 2024.

As our world continues to grow digitally, more attacks have been seen and verbalities discovered. Organisations and individuals will be investing more to create more robust cyber security measures.

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