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​South-West City is a Deep Tech Powerhouse

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Bristol is seen as a super-hub for Deep Tech, the third-highest city in the UK after VC investments hit over $400 million in 2020, with a majority going into Deep Tech businesses.

Dr Harry Destecroix, the founder of Science Creates, said, "Boston might be the powerhouse for Deep Tech, but we believe Bristol will also become a world-class ecosystem that supports scientists and engineers in commercialising ground-breaking innovations. the city is home to creative, innovative trendsetters and it has world-class research university and a strong sense of community."

For Bristol to be considered a "super-hub" for Deep Tech is unsurprising. With successes like spin out company "Ziylo, who pioneered "smart insulin" technology, more investment has come into Bristol, and the combination of Alumni, academics, partners and university and industry leaders has played a massive part in the Bristol hub. There have become more opportunities for students to move into careers such as quantum engineering, synthetic biology and pharmaceuticals in the city.

With partnerships between Bristol universities, start-ups and business incubators, it leads the way with science and engineering solutions.

The universities in Bristol have continued to feed the hubs and incubators, which have been able to sustain and grow it. However, there is a symbiotic balance between Deep Tech businesses in Bristol and the universities. An example of this is Science Creates, a Deep Tech incubator partnered with the University of Bristol; Science Creates, Has significant lab space which currently supports over 100 companies. Those businesses have collectively raised £18.4m in 2021 alone. The incubator help support new businesses, giving them the space needed to develop and grow their ideas and offering opportunities to students to follow careers within Deep Tech.

Bristol has always been a place for innovation. Bristol is known for its creativity and creative hub worldwide. There is an opportunity for actual invention with the cross-section of science and creativity coming together.

The maturity of Bristol's culture hub also benefits Bristol's Deep Tech space, as creative innovation has been growing over the last four decades. The commitment to tech within the city has made it the fifth fastest-growing tech city in the UK. A 2021 government forecast named three Bristol-based companies as likely to achieve unicorn valuations.

With more Deep Tech start-ups and spin-outs benefiting from the current Deep Tech hub and more regional companies benefiting from the support of programmes such as WIRED trailblazers, Bristol can be known worldwide for its Deep Tech innovation.

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