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How tech innovation is changing the hospitality industry

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​The hospitality sector was one of the worst-hit industries following the pandemic. And while travel has been improving, the industry has needed to look at different ways to create more brand loyalty and a better customer experience.

 Technology has often been used to improve operations within hospitality. Still, the developments that have come out of the Deep Tech sector are now offering new ways to improve customer engagement and help improve customer satisfaction.  

83% of hotels acknowledge they are not collecting and utilising data.

It is widely known that data is used across almost every industry. Information on customers, preferences and their interactions can be used to offer more personal experiences. However, you need the information in the beginning.

The hotel industry recognises that there is missed opportunity by not fully tracking data. The lack of capability is holding back advancements within the industry. There are more innovations in tech which are moving into hospitality further into the future.

Artificial Intelligence Improving customer engagement.

It might be difficult to see what Deep Tech, with its science-led innovation, has to do with the hospitality industry. But there are several deep tech innovations which are now being seen as key opportunities within hospitality to improve the customer experience.

46% of businesses are looking to use AI to automate messaging. Some have considered AI as a replacement for the workforce, but this is not the case. It is being used as an aid that can create better customer personalisation, improve processes and identify revenue opportunities.

Chatbot assistance has been able to improve customer experience it's native language processing means the conversation feels human and personal, as well as allows businesses to operate 24/7 without staffing concerns. However, 60% of businesses who want to implement one-to-one marketing methods recognise their lack of technical ability is holding back progress.  

Tech skills shortage can affect the industry.

The lack of technical ability is not exclusive to the hospitality industry. Across all tech roles that stretch across all industries, the ability to hire the talent needed to progress a business is challenging. 75% of employers have reported difficulties hiring tech staff into their businesses – a 16-year high.

With emerging technologies demonstrating multiple applications, it is understandable that almost a quarter of businesses are making technology decisions to improve customer experience. The need to move forward and stay ahead of the competition is more important than ever in the industry. Finding great talent which can help a business implement innovation are the ones who are more likely to grow.


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